A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

HomePets is a small platformer-type game designed for kids between 4-8 years old.

You're a friendly alien living in a house on your home planet when your pet wanders off into space. You'll need to fly your ship through space, retrieve your pet, and find your way back home.

Gameplay highlights:

  • Power-ups and buffs: compasses help find your way back home or to your pet. Flags help you slip through asteroid rings. Keys unlock castles.
  • Find friends and trade with them to get items you need.
  • Watch out for asteroid belts

Features include:

  • No violence of any kind.
  • No reading necessary.
  • (Coming soon) open-ended worlds

This is a beta release. Six levels are included and I've made every effort to be bug and glitch free. If you find a bug or something you don't understand, I would be so happy if you would leave a comment and mention: platform and OS version. I'll be working on more (and bigger) levels for the final release and your feedback is appreciated.

Builds available:

  • OSX
  • Android (apk)
  • Windows
  • Linux (32 and 64 bit)

Special thanks to:

Install instructions

Grab any of the builds and leave me a comment with your thoughts. I'll be developing several more levels and adding some polish before releasing a full version.


HomePets Android 32 MB
HomePets Mac 25 MB
HomePets Windows 24 MB
HomePets Linux x86 28 MB
HomePets Linux x86_64 28 MB


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Hey, this looks interesting but the games don't work without the data folders. You'll have to provide zips for win/linux

Shoot, that's what I get for pushing late at night. I'll get it fixed up tonight. Thanks!